Tax Consultant

Tax Consultant

To Become a Tax consultant you need to have a good knowledge of finance and accounts. You can also hire some experienced person from this field to do your job. The business doesn’t require much investment and gives good profit and returns.

Almost every taxable person and companies need this service. So anywhere your go and any one you meet would require this service. For this people and companies pay handsome remuneration. you will just need to file their return online and on time.

This can also be started from home. Having an office is more profitable . Companies and people trust you when you offer this service from an office.

Getting business and assignments is not a big task for this business. You will need to visit companies, send proposal mails containing services you offer with quotations, doing cold callings to businesses is another good idea. Moreover you can cater any location and city from a single working place as most of work is done online. so you have a huge market to cover and earn from.

Tax consultant is such a career opportunity which has no end in its demand. Giving Tax consultation to business is a great idea where business owners pay lucrative amount for the service.

One has to be from Commerce back ground with some prior experience in Tax consultancy firm.

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