Start Business from Home in India with low investment

Start Business from Home in India with low investment

If you want to Start Business from Home in India with low investment, refer the list given below:

1 Pickle Making

Pickle Making business can easily be started from home with low capital. This business doesn’t require much skills and space. One with basic knowledge of spices can give a good start to this business.

Summer and winter are the most suitable seasons for making pickles. Preparing pickle as per order received will prevent spoilage and wastage.

This is among the one to Start Business from Home in India with low investment

2 Livestock

Livestock business from home gives good profits margin. Livestock means rearing animals for milk, meat and fur. Fish , cow, hen, goat and sheep commonly comes under the rearing for profit.

One can keep number of animal as per capital available for investment. Starting Livestock business from home require only feeding and vaccination costs. profit margin is too high. Meat and Milk can be supplies in nearby businesses and houses. More the number of animals reared , more is the profit.One can Start Business from Home in India with low investment.

3 Tuition Center

Education is something very important for every body. Looking at it’s importance parents pay good amount of fees to Tuition Teachers.

One with Good Educational background can think of starting this business. This business doesn’t required much space and investment. Informing people nearby will bring students to the center.

A sigh board with details of the service will be helpful in bringing business.

4 Meal Tiffin service

Meal Tiffin Service is one of the most trending and demanding businesses in metro cities. Supplying packed food in a food container is the most profitable business to give a start.

Many working people and students can’t cook or don’t have time for cooking. They require someone to deliver healthy meals to their doors at any cost. Catering their meal requirement is best business one can think of to start.

Informing people and businesses in nearby localities will bring potential business. Giving Advertisements on various websites will be an added advantage in bringing the business.

Advertising on newspapers will bring more customers. Sticking posters and banners in will also do. One can visit the nearby companies and take orders for regular supply. People are getting health concerned and looking for home made healthy food.

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