Small Manufacturing Business from home

Small Manufacturing Business from home

To start Small Manufacturing Business from home is a good idea. one can start following Businesses from home.

1 Ice-cream Manufacturing

Ice-cream is a favorite delicacy for every People. Ice-cream manufacturing requires little space and can be started from home. Capital requirement is between 10 thousand to 1 lakh depending upon quality of Ice-cream manufactured.

2 Jam and Jelly Manufacturing

This business requires less skills and low capital. Jam and Jelly Manufacturing is among the Small Manufacturing Business from home. Demand of organic products are high in the market. People are looking for preservative free Jam and Jellies.

It can be produced manually with no cost on machines. however for large quantity production buying a simple machine would be better. Simple Production machine costs 40000- 60000 Rupees. This is one of the best home manufacturing business ideas in India.

3 Incense sticks making

This business is ideal to start from home. It’s growing day by day as a favorite home based business. This business requires a small space, low capital, but high growth opportunities.

One can start with 10000-30000 and start incense sticks making business. This small investment business from home is growing like never before.

4 Make furniture

Furniture Manufacturing is one of the best home based and profitable business. One with Good skills and low capital can start with the business. Demand of wooden furniture is high. Customers are ready to pay good price for good products. Quality Furniture with good designs will bring good revenue. This one of the low cost business ideas with high profit.

5 Pickle Making

Pickle Making business is being run from home in many families. Production cost for this business is low and doesn’t require much capital. There are variety of pickle to prepare and supply in the market. This is how to start a manufacturing business at home.