Sandwich and Coffee

Sandwich and Coffee

Sandwich & Coffee Shop business requires low investment and minimum skills. People are fond of eating. Many have less time to cook and prepare breakfast and evening snacks. At the same time people are also getting health conscious.

These days every one is concerned about health. Their is a great demand of healthy food which satisfy people stomach as well as help to stay healthy.

you can make healthy and tasty sandwiches with least resources available with you. Investment for this business is very low.

There are various kinds of sandwiches which can be prepared & served easily in few minutes. You can make both veg and non-veg sandwiches with different varieties of bases and toppings.

Combining this with Coffee is a good idea. people look for some space.

you can serve different kinds of coffee and charge handsome amount for it. Depending upon ambiance and quality of service, you can fix the price.

This is something which doesn’t require much training, and can be started with some basic ideas.

you can also sell different products along with your main products. Along with your main menu, you may also include packaged drinking water, colas, juices, soft drinks and ice-creams which will also good revenue without giving any extra effort.

The main investment is on renting a place for the shop and the ingredients required for day to day business. You will also need to give attention towards minimizing wastage of food materials.

Fist you need to prepare small amount of sandwiches for display purpose and can also be served immediately to arriving customers. Later as per observation of next few days of business, good amount of sandwiches can prepared and sold.

Preparing Sandwiches in bulk amount won’t be a good idea as people visit to have fresh and healthy food. So preparing it as per business requirements and after few hours or minutes of intervals.

This way you will not be able to serve better food but also reduce wastage of food and food materials which will finally cut your production cost.

Give a try to sandwich and coffee business today itself.

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