Housekeeping and Cleaning Services

Housekeeping and Cleaning Services

Housekeeping and cleaning service business can be easily started. The business has a good growth rate and demand. Almost every company and organisation need the housekeeping and cleaning services .

Client Making and business Development

Setting up an office and completing all legal formalities to start this business. You can start visiting companies and approach the concerned in person. Sending proposal mails, and doing cold callings will give good results.

Every Company is in great need of housekeeping staffs.

Remain active on social media platforms to keep people updated regarding your services.


Contacting with various recruitment agencies for hiring. Giving advertisements on news papers and magazines to hire the housekeeping staff for your company will be required.

Dress Code

Maintain a proper dress code of your staffs. Maintaining dress code will be more professional. This will also do branding of your housekeeping & cleaning service.

Terms Agreement

Details of services, payments terms & conditions need to be mutually agreed and signed between both the parties.

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