Catering Service Business Plan

Catering Service Business Plan

Starting a catering service has been seen a profitable business for years booming day by day. Whether it’s any party, ceremony, event or any conference or meeting , caterers or a service staffs are required to make the event successful and lavish.

A person intending to start this business must definitely start it without a second thought as can be started with limited funds, resources and manpower.

The business cab be started in two way:

1 Starting with providing catering staffs for serving food & beverages in the events and parties where a caterer is just liable to provide manpower for the services and would take a services charge as discusses and agreed mutually between the caterers and the organizer.

2 secondly , a caterer would be responsible for providing manpower for the service (serving food & beverage) during the parties as well as make some more arrangement like providing utensils like dishes,plates ,cutleries and some other necessary items as agreed upon while signing contract with the organizer.

The above mentioned second method generates more profit than the first one ,however requires a good experience and skills for this. This Also requires a bigger investment than the first one. Someone having prior experience in the field can go with the second method of catering to gain more profits . New starters can start it later once business gets established and have sufficient fund to invest on buying the dishes, cutleries and plates.

On the other hand the first process is for a new comer in the field . one can start with few staffs as a helping hand for serving in the parties. An office with business name and contact details with service details to be displayed outside to make people come to know about your business.

Personal and social network will definitely regular business if service charge is reasonable . Quality of service and dress code maintenance is most important in this business. People hire a caterer to get quality service and to make the event lavish. So quality and proper dress code is most important factor to be taken care of.

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