Car Wash

Car Wash

The best and ideal place to start a car wash service to to start near a car garage,besides highways, petrol pump/fuel station or besides main road. At these places you will get a good frequency of cars visit and more and hence more and more customers are likely to visit your Car washing Service station. Just you will need to display an advertisement board outside the car washing service center.

Along with location, availability of water is an important factor to be kept in mind. You will need water to wash the cars.
You can start with small investment and increase your customers by serving them better.
Along with this service, you can also sell some car accessories to your customers.

you can start an additional service of “car wash service” on call. You or any of your staff will need to visit customers houses or offices to Clean their cars. You will need to post your services on various websites and social media platforms.

Key to success in car wash service is to make satisfied customers . Satisfied customers return back again and again giving repeated business. Another important factor is having suitable manpower .

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